About Us

Carpino has always been known for the production of extra virgin olive oil, it is the birthplace of Leonardo Ulderico Di Viesti who since he was a child has worked in the family oil company.
In a short time the important work skills allowed Leonardo to open in Germany one of the first gastronomic activities able to offer the best Apulian products. So in 1990, an old barn in Santeramo in Colle became the heart of activity that with passion and enthusiasm exports Italian gastronomic excellence beyond the Alps. In 1997 Leonardo, with the complicity of the small Domenico, opened the first one
sales point across the border, spreading the Italic culinary tradition in Austria and Germany. Driven by the desire to discover and rediscover authentic and real flavors, in 2018 Domenico, gives life to QOQO. The name takes its origin from the Latin masculine noun COQUUS, or ``the cook``, a professional who gives rise to tradition through the preparation of food.